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KIKORIKI Live channel receives a silver play YouTube button!


The KIKORIKI Live channel, managed by the company 4Screens, has received the YouTube Silver Award for reaching 100,000 subscribers.

The channel for Kikoriki fans was launched in autumn 2016. The 4Screens studio, which is part of Riki Group, brings in well-known bloggers and actors from the Kikoriki Theatre to create in-game video content. That way, viewers all around the world can see what the little round characters are up to when they’re not filming the series, hang out on the playground with Krash and Chiko, go to a chocolate factory with Rosa, stop by to have a cup of tea with Olga, or watch a meteor shower with Dokko.

4 Screens is the largest developer and distributor of kids’ video content in the Let’s Play segment. This is the sixth YouTube award 4Screens has received so far. To create their staged videos with the characters, they use licenced products from Kikoriki created by partners of the multibrand agency Marmelad Media.

In the near future, the KIKORIKI Live channel will launch a new series of videos in partnership with the popular children’s social network and online game, ‘Shararam in the Land of Kikoriki’.

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