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Kikoriki. DejaVu in competition program of GaztefilmFest 2018


Kikoriki. DejaVu in competition program of GaztefilmFest 2018

The second edition of film festival for kids and youth is taking place this week in Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain. The English version of Kikoriki. DejaVu was selected for the competition program and was screened to the audience and the jury on December 11.  The film was dubbed live into the Basque language by four actors.  One of the scriptwriters, Dmitry Yakovenko, attended the press-conference before the screening and presented the film.

“GaztefilmFest 2018 is unique, because children themselves select the winners.  After the screening they fill in special blanks, where they colour the stars, from one to five.  The competition program includes both features and shorts.  The winners will be announced on Sunday, December 16th, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! ” – comments Dmitry from the festival site.

More than 130 kids and teenagers will take part in GaztefilmFest this year.  The particularity of the festival´s program is to bring contemporary non-commercialy distributed films and short-films for children and youngsters. This festival is articulated by workshops for children that keep developing in the different steps of the project: films pre-selection, selection and curating of the programs, communication and graphic design and even the presentation of the final programs to the audience. In order to achieve that, the festival works closely with the schools to involve the children in an active way.

Kikoriki. DejaVu is an animated feature comedy produced by Riki Group and Art Pictures Studio at Petersburg Animation Studio with the support of the Russian Cinema Fund and Rostelecom company. 



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