About project

  • Genre: edutainment, adventure, fantasy
  • Format: 2D
  • Number of episodes: 52
  • Episode's length: 5 min 30 sec
  • Audience: family, core: preschool ages 2-5
  • Author: Oleg Roy
  • General producer: Oleg Roy
  • Production: Petersburg animation studio

Tommy the Little Dragon is an animated TV series for children from 2 to 4 years old. The length of each episode, 5 min 30 sec, has been chosen so that the parents can stop a child’s viewing at any time without any stress. There is no offense or antagonists in the series’s world, so parents can safely leave their children in front of the TV and be sure that Tommy the Little Dragon will teach only good things. The series aims to convey a message about the importance of the family values, love for our close people, caring about the young ones and helping the grown-ups and seniors. Each episode is based on a common situation, which children know quite well, so that they can review this situation from a different point of view and find a solution in an easy and playful way.


Tommy is a soft toy who lives with an ordinary panda family and comes to life only when kids are around. With the help of his magic soap bubbles, Tommy transports the show’s characters to the moon, to a pirate ship, and even just under the bed. Along the way kids discover a captivating world, fight their fears and learn important family values. In Tommy the Little Dragon kids will find a true friend, and parents — a helping hand!


Interesting facts

TOP-10 of leading programs on MULT and Carousel channels.
20 mln of views on YouTube during the first three months since the beginning of braodcasts.
Before the project was introduced to the studio the characters looked totally different.
Oleg Roy, a famous author and a writer, General Producer of the series, wrote the words for the opening song.
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