About project

  • Genre: animation, adventure, musical comedy
  • Format: 3D (CGI)
  • Length: 80 min
  • Audience: 6+, family
  • Production: “Aeroplane” animation studio
  • Release: 2 November 2017 (Russia)
  • Producers: Georgy Vasiliev, Igor Dobrovolsky, Evgeny Lensky, Sergey Sarkisov, Ilya Popov


The Fixies are little kind-hearted human-like creatures, which live in electronic devices and home appliances and take care of them. People shouldn’t know anything about the Fixies. It’s a TOP SECRET! The Fixies find a way of transporting themselves the electric wires. Now they can fix any electronic device instantly, no matter where it is located! One invention under development gets into mischievous Fire’s hands and turns into a big problem. Sparks, explosions, destruction and the electronic devices gone wild: the city is on the verge of a catastrophe! It’s almost a miracle that the Fixies manage to prevent it. How do they succeed in keeping their existence a TOP SECRET at the same time?

Interesting facts

The production budget of the film “The Fixies. Top Secret” is 200 million Russian Roubles.
Famous Russian actors Dmitry Nazarov, Alexander Pushnoy, Larissa Brochman gave their voices to the characters in the film.
A character, who the audience of the series often heard about, but have never seen, appears for the first time in the film.
“The Fixies. Top Secret” opens a new Russian film franchise: the second film will be released in 2019, the third film on planned for release in 2021.
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